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Work for Sale

Paintings by James B. Janknegt for sale listed in chronological order. To see the most recent work go to the last page. These works include oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, and acrylic on paper. If you see something you would like to purchase please email at jim@bcartfarm.com. If you live out of town we can work out the shipping details. If you are interested in buying a print please go to the Painting/Prints page and you can purchase with Paypal.

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statons of the cross beloved son healing honor your parents John the Baptist
Paul swords into plowshares

ash wednesday Adam and Eve
Abraham and Sarah
Palm Sunday

Mary Magdalene
Breaking Bread Road to Emmaus
Good Shepherd
Jesus Preaching
Come Holy Spirit

Upper Room
Pentecost Community
Day Laborers
Knock at Midnight
Like a thief in the night

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