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In the past decade I have found myself devoted to re-establishing painting that can be called Christian in the great tradition of the Church before the reformation and the outburst of iconoclasm changed the world of art forever. I am not, however, trying to paint in the style of the great Christian painters of the past merely attempting to paint in the same spirit. Below is a beautiful quote that helps define what "Christian Art" is:


"Art is sacred if it is above all beautiful, that is, intrinsically splendid, because it is fully intelligible, so that it makes first the artist and then the person who enjoys it want to cross over into infinity. This art is religious if it produces a longing for the divine, namely, if it leads one to transcend one's own self in order to meet God and with him one's neighbour. This art is Christian if, through the adventures of the spirit, it recounts what happened between God and man in the history of salvation, if it rises to God like a sweet and profound prayer, if it makes "God's glory" visible, though in a hidden manner, in the celebration of the divine mysteries."
sleeping farmer

The Sleeping Farmer     40"x30"     oil/canvas     2016


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If you are interested in buying a print of my work go to Paintings/Prints. Most of my paintings are available as prints. This link is also the archive of all of my work in chronological order so if you are interested in my latest work, start at the back.

If you are interested in using my work in a project such as an album cover, book illustration, or bulletin cover send me an email and I will be happy to discuss your project.

If you would like to purchase a painting send me an email at: jim@bcartfarm.com.


New Exhibit

Prophet and Painter: 14 Stations of the Life of John Boyle

   red cross
A 14 year collaboration between myself and John Boyle will be on display at Imagine Art from September 17to October 31 2016.

One night while walking home from work John received a vision of his live-14 installments from his conception to his death. He commissioned me to paint his visions, one painting a year for 14 years. These paintings have never been exhibited before. You can get a preview here.

I continue to work on my parable painting series and several commissions.

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